Top Features

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1. Simple touch screen interface

An interface designed around touch controls to allow for ease of use for the cashiers. The entire program can be used with either a Windows touchscreen, standard keyboard and mouse controls, or any combination of the two.

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2. Manages people on the premises

EZ-Parts is designed for you to easily manage the customers in your yard, it does this by allowing you to add customers to your yard, view all the customers currently in your yard, and check out each of these customers, all with a simple touchscreen interface. When adding customers to your yard, you can either choose from any existing customers or add a completely new customer - registering their name, address, contact details and optionally a photo

EZ-Parts displays a list of all the customers currently in the yard, including the time they entered. This list is easily filtered by a simple search function. This allows cashiers to ensure that all the customers who are checked into the yard cannot exit without going to the checkouts first.

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3. Raises invoices

After each customer checks out, an invoice will automatically be created which includes all the items the customer purchased, the price of each and the total price of the invoice (including and excluding VAT). If connected, an invoice will automatically be printed through a receipt printer including all the needed information.

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4. Easily add warranties

EZ-Parts gives you the option to add predefined, percentage based warranties to a customer’s basket after all the items have been added. This will then appear on the invoice as a warranty, and will be included in the total price.

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5. Takes payments

EZ-Parts is designed to take any form of payment you want it to. If the payment is in the form of cash, the cash drawer will open automatically before the invoice is printed. If the payment is a type of card, it will show a list of card types and ask you to enter the last 4 digits of the card before printing.

A fee will be automtically added to the invoice if the selected payment method has been configured to charge an additional percentage e.g. to cover credit card fees

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6. Charges entry fee

A customer can either pay a small entry fee each time they come to your yard, or an annual fee so they can enter without paying for a year.

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7. Takes photos upon entry

For easy identification of a customer, EZ-Parts will prompt you to take a picture of the customer with a standard, Windows compatible USB webcam. If there is no webcam connected the program will ask you to upload a pre-taken image.

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8. Default price from Dismantling

Every part in EZ-Parts has a default price assigned to it for ease of use. This price can be changed by the cashier depending on the circumstances or condition of the item. If the customer has a discount applied in Frontier, then this discount will be applied to the price of each part they buy.

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9. Fully configurable list of parts

You create a list of part sections and then add part descriptions to each of these sections. You also set the default price for each part description. This list of sections, part descriptions and prices is fully editable at any time by an administrator.

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10. Fully integrated with Frontier Dismantling

EZ-Parts is designed to work with Frontier Dismantling. Any customers that you have added will automatically appear in Frontier Dismantling, and any customers in Frontier Dismantling will be visible to EZ-Parts. Any invoices created in EZ-Parts will be easily viewable within Frontier and will appear on invoice reports and daily cash-ups. All EZ-Parts invoices will have their own source of sale and depot if required so can be easily reported on their own.

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