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Add a new customer

The "add customer" window allows you to add a completely new customer to EZ-Parts. This window makes use of the Postcode Search function – Entering a postcode and tapping on the search button will automatically fill in lines 2, 3 and 4 of the address, leaving the first line free for the building number or name. Once this has been filled in with the customers details, you will be prompted to take a picture, then pay for entry.

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The most common manufacturers

This is the list of the most common manufacturers. From here you can either select a manufacturer to show its models, then select from those models to see the individual marks, or you can choose to load all manufacturers. If one or more parts have already been added you can view them by clicking the “Basket” button, which will show both the name and price of the part.

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The invoice window

The invoice window shows all the items in the customers’ basket, the price of each and the total price of the purchase. From here you can either choose to finish and save the invoice, add another part from the same vehicle, from another vehicle, remove a part, or cancel the invoice altogether.

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Adding warranties to a purchase

This window is for adding warranties to a purchase. Below each button you will see the cost of the warranty itself. Below the buttons you will see an option to have no warranty, next to this is the price of the invoice itself, and below this is the total price of the warranty selected and the original price.

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The parts window

The parts window is a continuation of the manufacturers window, but will show once a mark has been selected or if there is multiple parts from the same vehicle. This window shows multiple categories of parts, which then lead to the individual parts.

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Fully featured desktop system

Frontier Vehicle Dismantling is a complete stock control and invoicing system - it has been developed specifically for the vehicle dismantler with features that no other parts or dismantling system can offer.